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FullSizeRender (2)I am accustomed to urban environments and often find myself wandering through streets staring up at the buildings, sometimes obsessing over the most microscopic details of the landscape. I view architecture as the language of the land, it speaks about the history and current state of an area. The buildings can signify an entire movement, an era, or a renaissance. My goal is to produce a body of work that allows me to say where I have been, but also takes viewers to a place of their own.

I am currently producing a series of prints and artist books that I view as poems, the words are a mash-up of windows, doors, impossible angles, figures, and patterns. Each edition of prints is a recollection of experiences that start with simply allowing myself to be somewhere, both my mind and body. My process thrives on immersion, the inspiration from my work is directly related to my surroundings. Whether I am on a street corner in San Francisco or sitting in the canals of Venice, I need to experience a place with my own eyes before I can use it to tell a story. Photography plays a prominent role in my work, my camera gives me the ability to capture pieces of the world around me at the blink of an eye. I work digitally to deconstruct the pieces and rebuild an alternate reality, this stage of the process allows me to bend perspective and convert my images into layers best suited for the printmaking process. I choose to work with a very graphic aesthetic, most likely due to a fondness for pop art and early exposure to street art. I am always experimenting with ways to blend modern forms of art like graphic design and graffiti with traditional techniques like intaglio and relief printing.

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    Erin Garlinghouse May 3, 2014

    I am the gall from the Butte Public Library! Once more you work is Awesome! Folks were talking about it everywhere I went tonight! Thank You for sharing it with our community!

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